The Governors
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Date: 22.09.2009
Time: 2000hrs
For attention of: General Harwood,
From: Lieutenant David Green.
RE: First contact with civilian survivors

     At 1400 hrs today, soldiers from squad Kappa made contact with a number of male survivors who were looting a large supermarket store on Liverpool Street, Angel Islington. The men approached our soldiers in an aggressive manner, and although our soldiers made every effort to warn the survivors that they must remain a suitable distance away from friendly units, their warnings were ignored. Finally, after the situation had become unstable, shots were fired and there were casualties on both sides. I have spoken to the sergeant in charge and he assures me that the first shot was without a doubt fired by the civilians and not by us.

     While I understand that it is possible that the whole incident was indeed an unfortunate misunderstanding, I feel it is my responsibility to recommend that we step up our levels of caution when interacting with all survivors. All non-army personnel should be considered armed and dangerous until further notice.

     Remember that your vision of a new world order requires only the co-operation of the remaining populous, but not their understanding nor agreement in what we wish to achieve. In the end, countless future generations will thank us for what we did. It is a sad fact that casualties are a necessary sacrifice for the greater good.

Lieutenant David Green.