The Governors
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A few days after the epidemic had reached catastrophic levels, the Governments declared a state of martial law in the cities and their surrounding suburbs. Military vehicles and tanks replaced police patrol cars, and soldiers in gas masks were given orders to shoot on sight any man, woman or child who left their homes.

The streets were cleared and governments believed they had stemmed the spread of infection, little did they know that the virus had a lengthy incubation period, and any person who had come into contact with the virus would not become symptomatic till many days later. Sadly, even though the armed forces were protected against inhalation of the virus, it was highly contagious and could also be contracted through the epidermis – the outer layers of the skin. The soldiers fell ill to the virus much in the same way as the civilians they were ordered to protect. It was global chaos, a total disaster.

However, a select number of generals organised a massive rebellion and decided upon ignoring their call to action. They closed their eyes and ears to broadcasts on the television and ignored pleas from their superiors.

The generals ordered their own men to take refuge in the airtight bunker complexes beneath the surface of the training barracks, warning that any soldier that tried to leave would be treated as a deserter and shot on sight. It was the beginning of sad times, where the survival of the fittest became the survival of the greedy, selfish, and ultimately the most cowardly.

The result is what remains today; the violent dictatorship of the Governors faction.

The following are a selection of reports written by a number of soldiers to their General at an army base situated on the outskirts of London, UK.