The Governors
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Date: 01.09.2009
Time: 1530hrs
For attention of: General Harwood,
From: Lieutenant David Green, Ext. Operations.
RE: Elimination of current threat.

     It is my understanding that the terrorist factions we are frequently encountering upon our recognisance missions into the inner-city areas are part of some strange cult. We have been unable to secure an arrest so far, as they choose suicide over apprehension. I have given orders to the teams operating in base camps outside the confines of the base to operate with the most extreme of caution; it appears that our pyres for the infected cadavers are attracting the attention of the religious group.

     Might I suggest, General, an ambush, so that we might be able to apprehend one of their numbers for interrogation? Of course, there is the possible risk of casualties in our ranks, but I’m sure that you can understand, as I do, that these casualties are necessary. I await your approval before I will continue with the operation plans.

Lieutenant David Green.