The Governors
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Date: 10.08.2006
Time: 0300hrs
For attention of: General Harwood,
From: Lieutenant David Green.
RE: Personal apology to General Harwood

     I feel I must apologise in writing for my actions last month. I questioned your orders to an extent that was nothing but disrespectful, and I deserve to be court-martialled. Although I was cleared of insubordination, I still feel that I must explain my actions; why I did what I did.

     When the orders came from HQ regarding the declaration of marshal law throughout the Burroughs of London, my first reactions were admittedly to answer the call and make arrangements for squads to run regular patrols of the city streets. I realise now that you’re decision not to help the civilians was not in fact selfish and immoral; quite the contrary. The difficult decision to abandon our posts and take refuge in the bunkers was by far the most logical option. I was blinded by the immediate short-term problems we faced, but your visions of the future required us to survive.

     I can assure you that now I do not believe that any of your orders were given to ensure your cowardly self-preservation. On the contrary, I believe that you had the bottle to make the decision to keep yourself and your men safe, so that we can unselfishly create and preserve the new world order.

     Once again, I apologise for my previous insubordination. I can guarantee my service will be nothing but exemplary in my future duties.

Lieutenant David Green.