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Date: 26.02.2008
Time: 2130hrs
For attention of: Dr. Paul Myers
From: Dr. Abu Mari, Science Corps.
RE: Viral Lab Analysis [summary]

Analysis of the viral cotangent suggests an incubation period of 24 to 25 days, after which it releases an enzyme that rapidly dissolves brain tissue, causing violent headaches, leading to vomiting and death within 8 hours.

Current attempts to manufacture an antidote to target its DNA or neutralize its attacking enzyme have proven all but futile.

Our latest research of the virus's primary molecular trigger mechanism (shown left) indicates an unusually high level of human-genome interaction at the base-level.

This would appear to indicate the virus has been genetically altered and enhanced in it's potency against human DNA. Given it's properties, there is a strong possibility the virus is man-made.


Current lab tests on animal subjects have proven that in it's current form, the virus has absolutely no effect.

A positive sign that we can report is that it is partially dependant on human tissue. We estimate it will degrade to within 5 parts per 10,000 - an atmospheric percentage of 0.05% within 12 to 18 months. This would be an acceptable exposure limit, although we would still recommend chemical gas masks as a precautionary measure.