The Governors
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Date: 20.08.2009
Time: 0900hrs
For attention of: General Harwood,
From: Lieutenant David Green, Ext. Operations.
RE: Recon team assembly.

     As of 0700hrs this morning it was my responsibility to assemble 3 teams of 5 men to spearhead external recognisance into the inner city areas, including the west end of London Town. Our route will cover many well-known areas, where survivors of the disaster might be in hiding.

     I have been assured in person by the Science corps that the air quality has reached acceptable levels, so I am glad to be given the responsibility of leading the first expedition in 12 months. I am fully aware of the terrible fate of the last team who ventured out there; no one feels more remorse for the infected soldiers we had to seal outside than I, but I am confident that my soldiers will return un-infected and unscathed this time. I will de-brief my CO upon our return at exactly 1800hrs tonight.

Lieutenant David Green.