The Governors
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Date: 12.08.2009
Time: 1400hrs
For attention of: General Harwood,
From: Dr. Paul Myers, Head of Science corps.
RE: Improvement of air quality.

     We have always said that our expeditions into the inner city areas would only commence once we could be satisfied that the levels of airborne viral contamination dropped to below a satisfactory level. This level was set to 5 parts per 10,000, which would give an atmospheric percentage of 0.05% of the air outside. As of 0800hrs this morning, the equipment gave readings that showed the viral concentration in most areas has fallen below the 0.05% criteria. Therefore, it is my opinion as the head of military science here that it is now safe enough for small recognisance teams to perform some initial sweeps of the inner city areas.

     Of course, the permanent use of gas mask units and extreme caution when tackling infected cadavers must be our highest priority once outside the sealed confines of the base. Might I also suggest that our first priority is to establish whether or not there are any other survivors out in the city? My estimations are that there should be a handful of survivors, perhaps due to a natural immunity to the virus, or some other factors. These survivors should also be treated with extreme caution, as even if they are not killed by the virus, it is possible that they still carry the lethal strains. Take no chances of physical contact; our initial studies showed that the virus is so potent that it can be transmitted through the epidermis, not just through inhalation.

Dr. Paul Myers.