The Governors
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Date: 03.09.2009
Time: 2230hrs
For attention of: General Harwood,
From: Lieutenant David Green, Ext. Operations.
RE: Interrogation report.

     It is my duty to report that the interrogation of the terrorist leader was unsuccessful. We tried many ‘convincing’ techniques to try to extract information and intelligence from the suspect, however, no methods were successful. The subject was declared dead at 2144hrs this evening after he was able to gain access to a blade and subsequently took his own life. The soldier responsible for him has been disciplined as per your orders and his body disposed of in the most respectful way possible.

     Over the course of the 6-hour interrogation, the subject did not speak a single word. We administered every possible ‘treatment’ we could to him, but none of our efforts were rewarded. The subject’s personal artefacts are now being analysed by the science department for possible useful intelligence.

Lieutenant David Green.