The Governors
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Date: 04.09.2009
Time: 0300hrs
For attention of: General Harwood,
From: Dr. Paul Myers, Head of Science corps.
RE: Personal effects of the captured subject.

     Below are a number of images that show the personal effects of the John Doe that was captured in the costly ambush yesterday, lead by Capt. Green.

     It seems that our initial assumptions that these terrorist activists are part of a cult are indeed correct. However, under no circumstances should their organisational skills, and their zealous nature be underestimated. From the initial analysis of the corpse down in the morgue and eye witness accounts from our own men, our military scientists have built a preliminary psychological breakdown of this cult. However, this is just a collection of ‘best guesses’ and hypotheses. I must admit that we know almost nothing about the cult; why they fight, where they came from, and how so many of them survived the epidemic of 2006. As I found myself in a previous report many months ago, the virus was indeed genetically altered to be as potent and contagious as it was; I found that it was man made.

     Although I have not shared this idea with any of the other members of the science team here, I am beginning to suspect that not only were these cult members pre-emptive in their actions to the viral outbreak, but responsible for the viral release. Perhaps the governments prior to 2006 underestimated the extent to which some terrorist factions could operate. This is mostly guesswork at this point. I will write further reports on the matter when additional material presents it’s self.

     I will pass on our findings to the External operations division, and with your approval, will begin planning for an assault on possible hiding locations of the cult, for this is an obvious threat to our shared vision of world order.