Background / History

In 2001, after the terrorist attack, the US Government secretly began work on a high level project of the utmost secrecy; even the president was unaware of its existence - an experimental genetically engineered virus that would target specific DNA patterns of known terrorists.

The incubation time of the virus was 24 days; long enough to give an infected terrorist the chance to bring it back to his cell network and infect other targeted hosts. After this incubation it would kill the host within 12 hours, no cure, no antidote, and no hope for the unsuspecting victim.

Global terrorism grew, and by 2006 the virus had become a reality and was approaching the final phases of it's design, all that remained was for the DNA target patterns to be added to the lethal strain and it would be complete within months.

However 2006 was the year of the terrorist, with several attacks on official and civilian targets, both inside and outside the United States. But, one target was more significant than anyone knew.

On a sunny afternoon just outside Boston a bomb exploded that would change the world forever.

A terrorist bomb truck attack levelled a Government building killing over 400 people and destroying the concealed viral research labs below. These labs were one of the select few that contained the unfinished virus strain, which was on that day ironically released into the population by the unsuspecting terrorists.

But the virus was incomplete; the target DNA patterns had yet to be genetically woven into the virus’s membranes. In its current state, the virus could infect anyone. Everyone that knew this perished in the attack.

No-one knew anything about the virus. For them it was just another terrorist explosion on the TV, and for 24 days the virus moved throughout the population like wildfire, spread by planes, trains, cars and modern transport.

24 days later, early one quiet morning all hell broken lose as the medical systems around the world were overwhelmed with symptoms of something they had never seen before, and on a terrifying scale.

Throughout the day as people began to fall victim to the virus they had been carrying for the last 24 days. Medical teams had only enough time to name the killer virus; Terminal Cerebroendonisis, or TC. After the 24-day incubation period, the viral infection spreads throughout the host’s brain, causing nausea, severe headaches, stiffness of the neck due to a swelling of the brain, coma and finally death. Everybody knew why it was known as terminal; there was no cure.

Martial law was declared in over 60 countries as people watched the riots on their TVs transcend from the screen to their own streets & homes and millions of people panicked and left their homes for the country side - but it was too late, they were already infected... everyone was.

As the sun set on that day in July 2006, 99.9% of the population had perished at the hands of the lethal virus.

The year is now 2009, 3 years after the terrible accident that nearly erased human life on earth. The virus has reportedly dissipated to the point of making it safe to return again to the surface and to the place we once knew as home.

Out of the surviving human population 3 factions formed.

The Governors; A band of soldiers lead by a fanatical Ex-General. Their aim is to restore a form of law and order to the cities; but in a way that we would call dictatorship.

A freak Religious cult that say they predicted this 'cleansing' of the earth all along; with new found faith in their religion they are more determined than ever that this was meant to be, and that they are the saviours and must finish the 'cleansing'.

The final faction... are ordinary people, a handful of innocent Civilians that got caught up in this mess, they are bewildered and angry at what happened to their families and everyone they knew, and are just trying to survive from day to day in this dark new world.

Welcome to the world of Forsaken …