News Archive
  23 July 2004


Content update. We've added new concept sketches, coloured art, location concept, a fully skinned shotgun model and the first look at the player model of a Religious Leader and much more... check it all out in our concept art section.

  16 July 2004


2 more team members added! We are very pleased to announce the addition of two new talented members to our development team. Sean McBride aka n30g3n3s1s is our new lead Character Modeller and Chris Sivak aka Tumababa is our new Music Composer and Environmental Sound Artist. Welcome to the team guys! :)

  9 July 2004


Public launch! A big thanks to all the Half-life news sites out there that posted our news item recently - we're happy to report we've received many thousands of visitors, a bunch of emails, team and beta-tester applications and nice amount of support & interest in the Mod.

  5 July 2004


Concept Art section re-done. We have been working on updating the concept art section with new sketches, weapon renders and other artwork.

  1 July 2004


Website beta-testing finished! We have officially come out of website beta-testing today - and are currently putting the final tweaks to the site before publicly launching. Other changes include a major re-vamp of the factions section, and the addition of the Religious scriptures (background history).

  30 June 2004


Front-page upgraded... The front-page has had a face lift and now features the 'last 5 topics' in the forum, a random concept art or weapon preview, and a random 'story' preview. We also have an official link button you can use when linking to Forsaken from other sites.

  16 June 2004


Major site updates for Story and Gameplay sections. Added the Gameplay section which includes all current info concerning the faction's characters, weapons and the general game-modes and other misc. data.

  23 April 2004


Public discussion Forums open. The public forums for forsaken have gone online and are currently accepting new users. At the moment the site is in beta and very few people know about it - however that will change over the coming months.

  22 April 2004


Contact forms online. The general / suggestions & bug report feedback forms are now online and operational, as is the online application for applying to join the Forsaken Mod Team.

  20 April 2004


Customization of the Forums complete. The majority of the work on the forums has been completed - Currently working on upgrading and expanding the rest of the site over the coming weeks.

  18 April 2004


Forums fully intergrated and operational. Currently working on total customization of them, and generally making them look and work better.

  17 April 2004


Forsaken Beta web site launched today. Team currently working on getting the forums intergrated, and the content built into the site.