Primary weapons

Taurus Raging Bull 0.46 Revolver    Taurus Raging Bull 0.46 Revolver
  Type/Action: Double Action
Calibre: .454 Casull / .45 Long Colt
Weight unloaded: 1.76kg (long version)
Overall length: 360mm (long version)
Barrel length: 215mm
Magazine capacity: 5 rounds

The Taurus Raging Bull is a large revolver utilised by the Civilian population of the Forsaken world. It’s size and calibre means that any unit unlucky enough to be hit by a round fired from the Raging Bull will more than likely be missing a limb if not instantly killed.

Powerful and accurate, the Raging Bull suffers from a small round capacity and slow reload.

H&K MK23 Handgun    H&K MK23 Handgun
  Type/Action: Double Action Semi-automatic
Calibre: .45 ACP
Weight unloaded: 1.1kg
Overall length: 245mm
Barrel length: N/A
Magazine capacity: 12 rounds

The Heckler - Koch MK23 is the most readily available handgun in forsaken, being utilised by every faction. In general, the Mk.23 mod.0 is an extremely reliable and quite powerful combat pistol, the only drawback being a somewhat excessive size and weight. The MK23 would usually be equipped with a hand thrown combustible such as a grenade or petrol bomb to make a decent combination.


Walther P99 (Dual Pistols) Walther P99 (Dual Pistols) 

   Walther P99 (Dual Pistols) 
  Type/Action: Double Action
Calibre: 9mm
Weight unloaded: 0.72kg
Overall length: 180mm
Barrel length: 102mm
Magazine capacity: 12 rounds (.40SW)

Used only by the Religious faction, this small, lightweight pistol can pack a serious punch, especially when wielded in akimbo fashion. Fairly weak in comparison to the other firearms, the Walther P99 makes up for its lack of armour piercing capacity with the number of rounds per magazine and the relative weight of the weapons.

Beretta 1201FP Shotgun    Beretta 1201FP Shotgun 
  Type/Action: Pump action
Gauge: 12 (3" - 76mm chamber)
Overall length: 1060mm
Barrel length: 520mm (1201FP)
Weight unloaded: 2.85kg
Capacity: 5 (3") rounds.

Powerful police issue shotgun, now used by both the zealous cult and the Governors. This shotgun has a fairly small spread, allowing for more lethal usage of the 3” shells.

Ingram MAC M10 (Dual Uzi's)Ingram MAC M10 (Dual Uzi's)    Ingram MAC M10 (Dual Uzi's)
  Type/Action: Sub-machine gun
Calibre: .45ACP, 9mm
Weight unloaded: 2.84 kg
Overall length: 269mm (548mm w/ open stock)
Barrel length: N/A
Magazine capacity: 30 rounds
Rate of fire: 1100 rounds per minute
Effective range: 25 meters

Dual Ingrams offer a blistering rate of fire, at the cost of accuracy. These small, compact sub-machine guns offer an destructive short-range force, designed to spray a target area with a volley of 9mm ammunition – weak at long distances, but bound to hit something at shorter ranges.

SA80 Assault Rifle    SA80 Assault Rifle
  Type/Action: Gas operated, rotating bolt
Calibre: 5.56mm NATO (.223rem)
Overall length: 780mm
Barrel length: 518mm
Weight unloaded: 4.13 kg
Magazine capacity: 30 rounds
Rate of fire: 650 rounds per minute
Effective range: 500m (with SUSAT sights)

The weapon of choice for the Governors, the British SA80 is a sturdy, fully automatic assault rifle. Features a high rate of fire, but can become less accurate unless fired in a more stable stance, such as crouched or kneeling.

AI L96/ AW Series Rifle    AI L96/ AW Series Rifle
  Type/Action: Bolt action
Calibre: 7.62x51mm NATO (.308 win)
Overall length: 1270mm
Barrel length: 686mm
Weight unloaded: 6.8kg (without scope)
Magazine capacity: 5 round (box magazine)
Effective range: 600m

The British made AW rifle is a powerful ranged weapon, used only by the civilian faction. Benefits include a longer range and larger calibre ammunition than other weapons, but suffers from slow reload times as a result of the bolt action reload mechanism.

RPG launcher    RPG launcher
  Type/Action: Single shot grenade launcher
Gauge: various
Overall length: 1200mm
Barrel length: N/A
Weight unloaded: 4.5kg (grenade: 2.25kg)
Magazine capacity: 1 rocket propelled grenade

Devastating Rocket propelled grenade launcher, capable of taking out multiple enemies or structures in one round. Suffers from a slow reload rate and shortage of ammunition.


Projectile weapons

     Fragmentation Grenade
  Type/Action: Hand thrown
Gauge: various
Weight: 0.5kg
Capacity: 1

Hand thrown explosive with fragmentation blast radius. Highly dangerous in confined spaces.

     Molotov (Petrol bomb) 
  Type/Action: Hand thrown
Gauge: various
Weight: 0.6kg
Capacity: 1

Glass bottle filled with combustible fluid, commonly petrol. The bottle can be smashed onto the floor near a target to spread a radius of flammable liquid, which is ignited by the manually pre-lit fuse material. A crude but functional weapon, great for hitting multiple targets with a single, well aimed bomb.