Game Modes
  Territory War

3-way team play
- Choose between the 3 factions.
- All 3 factions play at once against each other.
- Round-based combat (1 death per round).
- Leader has best choice of weapons.
- Factions must capture resources from control points. (food/weapons)
- Factions can capture an entire map if most successful over X rounds.
- Factions can save up for better guns/equipment with weapon supplies.
- Factions require food supplies to survive. (starve without them).
- If a faction owns ALL maps in the map cycle they win the war.
- Maps can be capture only, or capture/destroy.
- Team-specific, objective-based play is available to mappers.

In the world of Forsaken, survival is key, and in order to survive you need to horde resources, control resources, destroy or steal your enemy’s resources and generally stay alive.

The objective-based team play is all about the control of territories (maps) and the resources in those territories. At the start of a "war" each faction has a certain amount of resources. They can capture more resources by raiding various capture points on a map.

Factions capture resources by remaining in the capture area for a certain amount of time. The more team mates present the faster the resource is captured. Faction leaders capture twice as fast as standard players.

There are 2 types of resources to capture.

+ Food supplies
Food supplies enable you to literally survive in the world of Forsaken. Your faction will have a certain number of them at the start of the war, however spawning every round uses up 1 food supply per team member. If your faction reaches 0 food supplies everyone on your team will begin to starve and incrementally loose 10 health each round until you are dead from starvation. Your faction is then wiped out and unplayable, until the next war. Capturing more food supplies restores your health back to normal levels.

+ Weapon supplies
Factions start out with a certain amount of weapon supplies already. These can be used to kit themselves out with additional weapons and gear. (e.g. extra ammo, grenades, bigger guns, barbwire, mines etc...) many items that they often can't get from their basic weapon kits. Like food supplies, Weapon supplies are a shared resource. Who can spend just how many of these resources depends on their score and how many team points they have.

Knowing when to spend weapon supplies and when to save them is key, and if you coordinate with your team you will be able to save up for powerful offensive and defensive equipment.

There will typically be 3 capture points per map in Forsaken. Apart from when you are on a HQ level (the home of a particular faction). On these levels there will be 2 capture points (1 food and 1 weapon), and also a destroy objective (e.g. take out a diesel generator).

* It's important to note that if you capture a capture point that is controlled by another faction you steal those resources from that faction. If you capture a "neutral" capture point you simply gain those resources and add them to your faction's total.

Map Capturing

Forsaken has a very unique and exciting feature. Map capturing. This enables a faction to capture a map and own this territory. The next time the map is played in the map cycle it announces who currently owns the map and that faction automatically starts owning all the resources on the map, and must defend them from the other attacking factions.

At the start of a "war", each faction owns 1 map each... their HQ. There may also be a few other neutral maps which are available for capture. (for example: shopping centre, sewer etc...)

A faction can successfully capture a map if they win a certain amount of rounds on that map (X rounds, determined by the server). They win a round by carrying out their objectives (capture resources) or by killing the other factions. At the end of the map timelimit or roundlimit the faction that was most successful captures that map.

There are 2 ways to win a "war". Capture every map in the map cycle. (including the other factions HQ's), or starve the other factions by hoarding food resources.

There are 2 ways to loose a "war". If you own NO maps at all, your faction is wiped out. You can also loose a war by starving to death.