Game Features & Concepts

Forsaken is all about the team effort. From the moment the game starts, and the weapons have been handed out, each team member will have to work with his colleagues in order to achieve their objective, or even simply to stay alive. There is very little room for players to run into an area, wildly shooting and expecting to come out alive (if you come up against 4 or 5 enemy team members, it’s not likely you will survive, no matter how good a player you may be).

In Forsaken, realism is key.

The concept of Forsaken is the idea that the enemy and their weapons are totally deadly. Indeed the basis of nearly every single first-person shooter out there is that the weapons kill the enemy player, but, the extent to which weaponry in most games can damage a human has often been greatly underestimated.

In Forsaken, the player will need to utilise every scrap of cover to survive, as even the lowliest sidearm can kill with a single lucky bullet. The emphasis will be on ‘fire and manoeuvre’ skills, with the player reeling off a couple of rounds at the enemy before moving for cover and so on.

For example, you’re moving towards your objective area through a deserted city street, the remnants of riots littering the derelict pavements. Suddenly, the explosive sound of SA80 rifle fire fills the air, bullets ricocheting off the overturned cars and street signs around you. Perhaps in another game you would immediately start leaping around while advancing towards the enemy units firing wildly. In Forsaken, these kinds of tactics will rarely work. The player will have to seek cover or die quickly in the lethal crossfire.

The fighting will take place in close to actual real environments, ranging from the derelict streets of London to the mostly untouched shopping malls of New York. The battles in Forsaken will try to capture the panic and unpredictability of close range urban fire-fights, with gangs competing fiercely for territory and key resources, all with one common goal; survival.

Gameplay Ideas

Minimal HUD (re-colour HUD depending on faction? Possible lack of on-screen health indication).
‘Atmospheric’ full-screen tint shader, to give the cinematic effect of a desolate world.
Ability to 'Sprint' (for limited time) - limited mobility (reduced movement speed) directly afterwards (Possible sliding to prone position). No faction can fire or use a weapon when sprinting.
'Shell shock' from grenades (Field of view gets violently blasted to the side upon nearby explosion). This would apply only to large explosions.
'Deafness' from explosions (loss of sound, replaced with loud ‘white noise’ tinnitus, with gradual recovery)
Speech commands - all players can hear, affects smallish area, at least 2 version of each wav sound file command.
Over the top debris from ricochets, sending tiles/wall pieces flying with plenty of dirt/dust clouds.
‘Last breath team message feature.
Knife kills are silent and nullify any chance of a ‘last breath’.
'Global stats' concept.
Pistols, other sidearm weapons and thrown weapons do not suffer from a decrease in accuracy (shown by an increase in the size of the crosshair) when moving. All other weapons (rifles, shoguns, RPG launcher) all suffer from a decrease in accuracy when the owner is in motion.
‘Blurred vision’ after damage taken (random chance)
Secondary fire on all weapons (except akimbo) is a melee attack with the weapon in hand, which always results in ‘blurred vision’ for the victim.
All players can drop their weapons, and indeed pick up any weapon from dead team mates or enemies.