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  19 November 2006


Beta Testing is underway! - The team are pleased to announce that beta testing has begun. We have currently released BETA1 to a small number of inital testers, for gameplay and stability testing. Everything is going very well and the playtests are becoming increasingly larger as we take Forsaken to the next level of development.

Don't worry if you didn't make BETA1, we will be having at least 5 stages of testing, inviting more and more testers as we go. If you'd like to help out as a Beta-tester for Forsaken and be considered for the next stage of testing, Apply here.

  28 July 2006


Media Update - We've added a brand new map Angel, the Civilian HQ ( 5 shots ). We have also added two in-game screenshots, with the first peak of our weapon models in-game and our HUD system - more to follow soon! including action shots from some of our alpha playtests. Check everything out over at our media page.

* We are also currently looking for some additional talented mappers, modellers, texture artists and coders (preferably with shader experience), so if you are interested apply here.

Angel - Civ HQ
Angel - Civ HQ
HUD shot 1
Angel - Civ HQ
HUD shot 2
  14 July 2006


Media Update - We've added two new previously unannounced weapons, a fully skinned Remington 870 pump-action shotgun and a M84 Stun grenade. We have also updated all of the map shots for Orange Park ( 5 in total ) and have released 1 new Purity shot and 1 new Grime shot. Stay tuned cause we've got plenty more updates on the way over the coming weeks including in-game action and HUD shots. Check out the latest release on our media page.

Orange Park
M84 Stun Grenade
Remington 870 Shotgun
  9 July 2006


Forsaken's 2nd Birthday! - Forsaken lives!

Well it's that time of year again, it's our 2nd birthday and we are pleased to announce even though things have been quiet around here we have been making some good progress behind the scenes. So keep your eyes on our front page because over the next few weeks (starting later this week) we will be releasing new media updates and new developments on the Mod.

To get things started we have posted a quick sneak peak in our forums, check it out here (you will need to be a registered member of the forums to see the attachment/image).

  17 December 2005


Forsaken update! - Things have been quiet for a while, so here's an update of what we have been up to lately. With this media release we have 8 new work-in-progress previews of some new maps; Grime, a derelict warehouse, and Orange Park; an outdoor city suburb. We are also pleased to announce we have normal mapped our player models and they are looking great, a preview is also included. Check it all out on our media page.

Progress behind the scenes is going well, so well in fact that we have improved the game play concepts dramatically, we've managed to push ahead and we are now going for the complete "Territory War" that we had planned where you battle across maps in an epic struggle to control territory and resources. We've updated the whole site to reflect these new game play features. Happy Holidays everyone - another update on it's way soon!

Orange Park
Normal Mapped Player Model
Orange Park
  9 July 2005


Forsaken's 1st Birthday! - To celebrate one year since the Forsaken website has been online, we've decided to release a few screenshots from our latest internal build of Forsaken and 4 work-in-progress previews of Purity, a small sewer-like map which will be in our beta. Check it all out on our media page.

We are also pleased to announce we had a full-page article on us in the May 2005 edition of GameStar; a popular German gaming magazine. We are also currently looking for more texture artists and mappers, so if you are interested... apply here.

Governor Solider in-game
Civilian Leader in-game
  27 May 2005


Media Update - We've finally completed all of our inital release weapons! We've added the fully skinned Remington 710 sniper rifle, the .44 Magnum and the RPG Launcher. We have also added a fully skinned Civilian Scout player model (the first of several variations), and for those of you with access to our forums, we have added the main theme for Forsaken here.

An additional mapper CrackerJack has also joined the team, and we are still actively looking for further mappers, so if you are interested please apply here.

We are also pleased to announce that internal development of Forsaken is going well and we are approaching the final stages of our alpha builds. After this we will be running a closed beta of Forsaken which we are now officially accepting applications for. If you are interested in beta-testing Forsaken, apply here.

Remington 710 Rifle
Civilian Scout
RPG Launcher
0.44 Revolver
  19 April 2005

ModDB - Visual Delight Award

Forsaken mentioned in Micromanía (Spanish gaming magazine) and given the Visual Delight award by ModDB!

We also have some news on a few changes within the Dev. Team. We have people leaving and some joining. SnipeyX, Tumababa and RedG3 have left our ranks, however we are pleased to welcome Mangled Poly as our new Lead Enviromental Modeller, and Zazi as our newest mapper.

* We are currently looking for talented Level Designers / Mappers. Please apply here if you are interested.

  31 March 2005


Media Update - We've added the fully skinned SA80 Assault Rifle, the frag grenades and the molotov cocktails, along with a new concept sketch of the Governors in action. We have also added the fully skinned Civilian Leader player model. Check it all out on our media page.

Governors Concept Art
Civilian Leader
SA80 Assault Rifle
Frag Grenades
Molotov Cocktail
  4 February 2005


Media Update - We've added a new concept sketch of inside the Religious HQ, a fully skinned Governor knife, the completed Governor solider player model (renders & fly-around animation) and a Governor Jeep. Check it all out on our media page.

  29 January 2005

PC Gamer - UK edition
PC Gamer - US edition
Forsaken mentioned in PCGamer! (both UK and US editions) We are very pleased to report that Forsaken has been mentioned in the Feb 2005 edition of the UK PC Gamer magazine, and the Jan edition of the US PC Gamer.

We are also pleased to welcome 3 new talented members to the team, Obike and RedG3 our 2 additional coders, and Busy our new music composer.

* We are currently looking to fill positions for a final coder position, an additional animator and a sound effects artist. Please apply here if you are interested.
  26 November 2004


Update 3 of 3 - We've added 2 new fully skinned weapons; the dual Mac10 uzi's and the dual Walther P99's; along with wireframe, shaded and animated previews. We've also released a new promotional concept art piece depicting the leaders of each faction in the Forsaken world. Check it all out in our media section.

We have also added the fully skinned Governor Leader player model, and are pleased to welcome another Coder to the team; David Byttow aka guitardave24!

  9 November 2004


Update 2 of 3 - We've added animated 'fly-arounds' for each of the completed weapons, and a new, separate section for all our media.

We are also very pleased to announce the addition of a new talented member to our team. James Clarke aka SnipeyX is our new Lead Animator!

* We are currently looking to fill a texture artist position, if you've got the skills and are interested in joining the Forsaken Development Team; please apply here.

  5 November 2004


Update 1 of 3 - Character models. We've added 2 new player model previews; the Civilian Leader and the Governor Soldier, along with a taster of the skin for the Governor Leader showing a fully textured head, angle shots and an animation.

This will be the first of 3 recent updates to the site. Stay tuned for more over the coming days, and in the run up to the launch of Half-Life 2.

  10 October 2004


Site & Content update. We've updated the Gameplay and Game Modes sections, along with the locations info, characters info and Misc Features page.

... and for the content update we've added new coloured concept art, a location concept, a fully skinned Religious Knife model, a Chisel and Taurus Raging Bull, alongside a fully skinned render of a traditional red London phonebox... check it all out in our concept art section.

  16 September 2004

Forsaken mentioned in PC Format! We are pleased to announce that Forsaken has been mentioned in the October 2004 edition of PC Format UK as a promising upcoming Mod for Half-Life 2.


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